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DJCW Event Report - 新年会・ネットワーキングディナーを開催しました!(Jan.13, 2023)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023


New Year Party - Networking Dinner was held!


総勢14人が集まり、プレーノの日本食レストラン、EBESU Robata & Sushiさんにもご協力頂き、スペシャルメニューで新年をお祝いしました。昨年から徐々にハッピーアワー等の対面イベントも復活していましたが、コロナ禍後初めての盛大な対面イベントとなりました!






Our New Year Party - Networking Dinner was held on Friday, January 13th! We had 14 participants gathered at EBESU Sushi & Robata in Plano, TX, celebrating with their special menu!

We started hosting in-person events since last year, but the New Year Party was the largest event after the pandemic.

We enjoyed wonderful dishes and conversation. Some of the attendees were people whom we have not seen for a while, and some of them were new people, but all of them have interesting backgrounds!

DJCW mainly hosted online events which enabled us to meet people from different parts of the US as well as the world after 2020, but it is wonderful to hold in-person events as well.

We were highly encouraged by comments from participants that they are looking forward to attending the next in-person event.

2023 is our 5th anniversary, and we would like to plan more in-person events around the Dallas area!

We appreciate your continued support!


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