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DJCW Event Report - 11月イベント「Lean In DJCW Circle勉強会」を開催しました!(Nov.10, 2022)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

11月イベント「Lean In DJCW Circle勉強会」を開催しました!

November Event "Lean In DJCW Circle - Career Compass" was held!

ダラス時間の11月10日(木)に「Lean In DJCW Circle - Career Compass」勉強会を実施しました。



DJCW Lean In Circleは少人数制にて勉強会を実施しています。どなたでも歓迎ですので、いつでもお気軽にご参加下さい!

The "Lean In DJCW Circle - Career Compass" session was held on 11/10/22 Dallas time.

How should we strategically execute our career advancement based on internal politics? We had not only working people but also college students in this session; thanks to this diverse mixture, we had a great discussion with various viewpoints with each member.

DJCW Lean In Circle holds study sessions in small groups. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to join us anytime!


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