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Member Interview - November 2020 ②

DJCW Director of Public Relations

Anita Fujii

Q1. ずっと仕事を続けるにあたり、幼少(あるいは若いころ)影響を受けた人を一人か二人挙げてください。

Who motivated you to pursue your long-term career?

Answer ずばり、両親です。父は同世代の男性に比べると先進的な考えを持っていて、私が何気に将来はキャリアウーマンになりたいと言ったところ、それはいいことだと言ってずっと応援してくれていました。


I was influenced by my parents. My father was more forward-thinking than other men of his generation. He supported my idea of being a career woman for all his life.

My mother had been stay-at-home mom after I was born. When I was in middle school, she started working as an accountant at our relative’s hospital. She had no experience in the area and took distant learning classes. She was studying until late at night. She had overtime during first 10 days of every month and was working until midnight while she took care of her family impeccably.

Q2. アメリカに来たきっかけを教えて下さい。

What made you decide to come to the United States?

Answer アメリカには小4の時父の仕事で半年滞在、高2と大学3年の時交換留学でそれぞれ一年ずつ、そして日本の大学を卒業後日本で3年半ほど働いたのち、ある志をもってコーネル大学大学院に留学しそのままアメリカに残りました。

I was back and forth between US and Japan. I spent 6 months in US when I was in the fourth grade because of my father’s work. I spent a year as an exchange student when I was a junior in high school and university. After I graduated from university in Japan, I was working there for three and half years. Then, I studied at a graduate school at Cornell University to achieve my dream at that time and continued living in the US since then.

Q3. 今後DJCWをどのように発展させていきたいですか?

How would you like to develop DJCW?

Answer DJCWを設立したYukoさん、Hoshiさんお二人の志を現コミッティーメンバーと共に支えていき、ダラス周辺、そして世界中の働く女性とコラボしながらお互いに高めあえていければと思います。

I would like to support the founders of DJCW, Yuko and Hoshi along with other committee members. I would like to collaborate with working women around the DFW area as well as around the world to empower each other!

Q4. これから社会に出てキャリアウーマンを目指している女子学生に対して一言。

What is your advise for female students who are willing to pursue as career women?

Answer これからは肩ひじはらず男性、女性関係なく自然な形で当たり前に仕事を続けていけるような環境が整いつつあると思います。ぜひ、自分のやりたいことを見つけて仕事にプライベートに思いっきり没頭して充実した人生を歩んで行って下さい。

I believe our society allows us to seek our careers regardless of gender. I hope you will find your work that you feel passionate about and put all your attention on your work and your life.


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