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Unlimited Event Report - Podcast & YouTubeに出演しました(Nov. 3, 2023)



前回に続き、台湾在住のブロガー兼YouTuberであるMakiyoさんが主催するPodcast番組「Excuse Me Dallasの湯呑み(You know me)」に、Unlimitedメンバーが再びゲスト出演させていただきました!





出演メンバー: 堤みなみ(上)、真下萌奈(下)

Continuing from the previous occasion, members of Unlimited had the honor of being guest speakers on the podcast program “Excuse Me Dallas no Yunomi (You know me),” hosted by Makiyo, a blogger and YouTuber based in Taiwan! This time, the guest speakers were Mona Mashimo from Unlimited, currently studying at the University of Kansas, and Minami Tsutsumi from PAW(SA), Unlimited’s sister organization, studying at the University of Texas at Dallas. The theme revolved around “The Realities of Japanese Female University Students Studying in the United States,” where we shared our experiences of deciding to study abroad, cultural shocks encountered in America, and other aspects from the perspective of students living there. The podcast is available in audio format, and the video version is accessible on YouTube. Please check out the links below to listen and watch!

Podcastはこちらから (Podcast Link)

YouTubeはこちらから (YouTube Link)


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