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Unlimited Event Report - 3大学合同イベント開催成功のご報告(Sep. 24, 2023)

3大学合同イベント「Language Exchange Free Talk Event」を開催しました!


日本時間9/24、アメリカ時間(CST)9/23に、”Language Exchange Free Talk Event”を開催しました!


アメリカと日本から約30名の大学生が集まり、”自己紹介 (Self-Introduction)”をトピックに日本語と英語で楽しくお話することができました。




On September 23rd (CDT) / September 24th (JPT), we held the “Language Exchange Free Talk Event!”

It was the first collaborative event between 3 universities (Tsuda University / University of Texas at Dallas / University of Kansas.)

Members of Unlimited and PAW(SA) worked

together to plan and organize this event!

About 30 American and Japanese participants joined and had fun talking about “Self-Introductions (自己紹介)” in Japanese and English.

We had a great time discussing our wonderful summer memories with each other!

Thank you to all the participants!

We are planning to hold this event again next month! Please join us.


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