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DJCW Event Report - 和紙で作る自分だけのオリジナルイヤリング教室成功のご報告(June 17, 2023)

Making your original earrings with Washi paper

ダラス時間の2023年6月17日(土)にJapanese Art Miyabiの森美佐子さんを講師にお迎えして「和紙で作る自分だけのオリジナルイヤリング教室」をPlanoにあるHaggard Libraryで実施しました。









On Saturday, June 17, 2023 (US CDT), DJCW hosted our June event, "Making your original earrings with Washi paper", inviting Ms. Misako Plant from Japanese Art Miyabi as an instructor for the workshop. Before diving into earring making, everyone had the opportunity to introduce themselves. Participants of various skill levels, including advanced crafters and beginners, attended the workshop.

First, we practiced folding with regular origami paper, which turned out to be more challenging than we expected. Some participants who initially planned to make the advanced-level leaf earrings switched to a slightly simpler version. It was difficult to select washi paper as there was a wide variety of patterns available, but everyone eventually selected their preferred designs and began the actual process.

With a slightly smaller size than the practice origami, we carefully folded the paper, creating delicate pleats. Carefully shaping the paper into leaf forms and applying varnish to make it water-resistant, the process that Ms. Misako helped. We took a short break while she assisted, providing an opportunity for casual conversations and enjoying Ms. Misako's displayed artworks. Not only working women but also university students participated in this event, fostering a lively and friendly atmosphere during the break.

Once the varnish had dried, the final step involved attaching the earring findings. Using two pliers, we opened the loops and threaded them through the washi paper earrings, and voila! They were completed. Despite encountering some difficulties along the way, thanks to Ms. Misako's guidance, we were able to finish creating our original earrings.

Thank you, Ms. Misako, for your valuable instruction!

If you are interested in the workshops and artworks of instructor Ms. Misako Mori in Washi Paper & Temari Art, please visit the link above.


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