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DJCW Event Report - インターン生&PAW(SA)お話会共同企画(July 21, 2023)

Internship Program - Collaboration Talk Event with PAW(SA)




このイベントにはインターン生、PAW(SA)メンバーの他、日本の学生支部、Unlimitedのメンバーも参加してくれて、DJCWの日米の学生支部が初めてオンラインで顔を合わせました。その他、ブレークアウトルームに分かれての自己紹介を兼ねたShow &Tellセッション、ゲームなど盛り沢山の内容で和気あいあいとした雰囲気で大成功のイベントとなりました!



On Thursday, July 20, 2023 (CDT), the interns from Tsuda University who are participating in the DJCW Summer Internship Program held a collaborative event and talk session with PAW (SA), the Student Association of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). This event was one of the projects they had been working on as part of the internship program.

The planning for this event started a few weeks in advance, with exchanges of emails and communication with the leader of PAW (SA). Since the leader of PAW (SA) is a native English speaker, all communication was in English. On the day of the event, everything was conducted in English! The students who served as hosts for the event did a fantastic job, successfully handling everything.

The interns from Tsuda University and the members of PAW (SA) each created introduction videos about their universities and life in Tokyo and Dallas, which were shared during the event. The participants from both Japan and the US seemed genuinely interested in each other's videos.

In addition to the interns and PAW (SA) members, Unlimited members, the student association at Tsuda University, also participated in the event. Finally, DJCW's student associations from Japan and the U.S. met online! The interns and PAW (SA) members who planned the event organized breakout rooms for self-introductions/show and tell sessions, and games, creating a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The event was a great success!

Kudos to all the interns and PAW (SA) members for their hard work and dedication! And special thanks to the members of Unlimited for supporting the interns.

With only one week left in the internship program, everyone is looking forward to the final presentation by the interns next week!


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