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DJCW Article - DJCWダラス学生支部・PAW(SA)がUTDのStudent Fairに出展しました!

DJCWダラス学生支部・PAW(SA)がUTD (University of Texas at Dallas)のStudent Fairに出展

DJCWダラス学生支部・PAW(SA)-Professional Asian Women Student Association-が、ダラス時間6月2日(金)にUniversity of Texas at Dallas (UTD)にて、新入生向けのStudent Organization Fairでブース出展をしました!


DJCW student association PAW(SA) - which stands for “Professional Asian Women Student Association” - presented a booth at the UTD Student Organization Fair on Friday, June 2 (CDT). They will setup a booth on July 14 and August 16 too! If you have a chance to come to campus, they are happy to welcome you!


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