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DJCW Article - 2023年夏のインターンプログラムが始まりました!

DJCW - 2023年夏のインターンプログラム (2023 Summer Internship Program)




DJCW will be conducting an online internship program for students from Tsuda University this summer. We have been hosting the program since the summer of 2021. The internship program was also implemented in the spring of 2022, and this will be the third time. This time, a total of 10 students will participate and will be divided into three teams to work on the projects.

What is different from the past two internship programs is that the project will be promoted in collaboration with the DJCW Dallas Student Chapter PAW (SA) at the University of Texas at Dallas and the Japan Student Chapter Unlimited. In addition to the collaboration project, there will be research related to the operation of DJCW (awards and fundraising), and we are looking forward to the activities with them.

By interacting with the younger generation through the intern program, we gain a lot of insights and energy each time. We look forward to seeing the results in a month!


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