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3月の話題 ダイエットって?(How do we diet?)

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

皆さん、こんにちは!Yukoです。女性の永遠のテーマの一つであるダイエット。私も今まで色んなダイエットに挑戦してきました。ダイエット=食事制限だというイメージをお持ちの方は多いのではないでしょうか?まずは、痩せる=食べることを我慢する というマインドを取っ払いましょう!大事なのは、食べる量を減らすのではなく、食べるものに気をつけることです。ダイエット成功の最大のコツは”継続すること”なのでずっと続けられない無理な食生活は、すぐに体重が減る代わりにすぐにリバウンドします。3ヶ月かけて少しづつ体重を落としていく、くらいの意識が一番リバウンドしにくい、無理のないダイエットです。


A diet is a constant for a woman. I tried all kinds of diets. Many people think Diet = portion control, but let's change our mindset that weight control = limiting what you can eat! The important thing is not to reduce portions, but to pay more attention to what you eat. To succeed in a diet is "consistency" and if you cannot maintain your eating habits, you will rebound instead of controlling your weight. The ideal diet is to reduce weight gradually over three month periods, where you will be less likely to rebound.

When you look back at your eating habits, how many snacks do you eat? How many vegetables do you eat? Why don't we reduce the amount of snacks that we eat? Instead of snacks, why don't we make Kale chips instead? Instead of stuffing our stomach with rice, add one more vegetable or soy-based dish. Kale chips taste like popcorn! You can make Kale chips by simply drizzling olive oil and salt, then sticking them in the oven. You can fill yourself with vegetables! Even if you try hard while you diet, if you feel stressed, you will experience more appetite and will end up eating more. A diet is just a method that provides you with a healthy life and more confidence. Please take care of yourself!


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